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Singapore Dollar


Units per PKR: 0.005

PKR per Unit: 205.257

Singapore Dollar's flag

Saudi Arabian Riyal


Units per PKR: 0.013

PKR per Unit: 74.198

Saudi Arabian Riyal's flag

American Dollar


Units per PKR: 0.004

PKR per Unit: 278

American Dollar's flag

Canadian Dollar


Units per PKR: 0.005

PKR per Unit: 203.053

Canadian Dollar's flag

Australian Dollar


Units per PKR: 0.005

PKR per Unit: 184.644

Australian Dollar's flag

Japanese Yen


Units per PKR: 0.575

PKR per Unit: 1.74

Japanese Yen's flag

Argentine Peso


Units per PKR: 3.257

PKR per Unit: 0.307

Argentine Peso's flag

From 2024-04-01 to 2024-06-21

Gold Rate

Investment in gold bullion means that your money is protected from inflation. A reason enough for why you should invest in gold bullion. provide you detailed gold rate analysis, history charts from International Gold market by minute to minute update. iFor gold bullion coins collecting as well as other precious metal investments, you must be aware of gold, silver, platinum bullion rates.

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Forex Charts

Forex charts assist the investor by providing a visual representation of exchange rate fluctuations. Many variables affect currency exchange rates, such as interest rates, bank policies, geopolitics, and even the time of day may affect exchange rates.

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Forex Brokers Directory

Choosing the best forex broker is important. In our Forex Brokers Directroy you'll find guides on choosing the best forex brokerage firm.

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